Mike Quinn Jr.



Somewhere between the ages of five and eight I started having a hard time falling asleep at night. For whatever reason, soon after closing my eyes I began to imagine Dracula (yes, thee Dracula) was coming to suck my blood. In fact, he could be in my room right now! Aaahhh! I’d open my eyes quickly and at random intervals trying and catch him in the act, so I could react and escape.

Then I thought, yeah but he’s very fast and he’s probably good at this sort of thing (I mean it’s all he does, right? Suck peoples blood), so he’d most likely see me about to open my eyes and duck out of the way. So, in my head, each moment my eyes were closed — Dracula, was slowly getting closer and closer and sooner or later he was going to get me.

Not wanting to die at such a young and tender age I needed to come up with something fast!

What I came up with was this. I decided to let Dracula get me. There really wasn’t any other option. I mean, I was just a kid with a bed time who had to stay in bed all night, so that pretty much made me a sitting duck — against Dracula. So yeah, I said okay, Dracula, you can get me, BUT here’s the deal; you have to get every other person named Mike first. I figured he’d appreciate me working with him and therefore grant my request. Which he did.

What I didn’t tell him was that I also figured there had to be a lot of people named Mike on this earth and with new people named Mike presumably being born all the time, it would be a long time (never maybe) before he’d circle back to me. That allowed me to get some rest and fall sleep.

I’m happy to report that it’s been well over 10,000 days without incident, so I just wanted to say sorry to any other Mike out there that Dracula got to first, but also — thank you.